Home Owners Associations (HOAs) and Drafting Deed Restrictions

Houston, TX Law Firm Representing POA's and Property Management Companies

Homeowner's associations-or property owner's associations as they are called in Texas-provide valuable services to the homeowners of their communities. The executive board of a community's POA is charged with preserving a high standard of maintenance and aesthetic continuity throughout the housing development. To accomplish this task, there are often deed restrictions placed on the ownership of the property to ensure that the resident adheres to the rules and regulations of the housing community. The attorneys at the Houston, Texas law firm of Adair & Myers have successfully represented many POA's throughout the Houston area in enforcing deed restrictions.

What Are Deed Restrictions?

Deed restrictions

  • Affect the legal usage of real property
  • Set the distance that a structure may be set back from property lines, street lines, or lot lines
  • Can affect the size of a the lot or the type or number of structural improvements that can be put on the lot
  • Regulate the building of fences

Real Estate Law Firm Representing Texas Property Owner's Associations

If you are part of the executive board of a property owner's association in Texas, you've probably already experienced the difficulty of having recalcitrant association members. Whether they refuse to pay for an assessment, they've altered the property in a manner that's not consistent with community standards, or even something as simple as painting their houses in non-approved colors, members who are in violation of their deed restrictions can be costly to the association in terms of how property value is affected. Moreover, many times these people are neighbors who you may have to live near after the battle is over. You don't need to go head to head with the people in your neighborhood. Adair & Myers is a professional real estate firm and our lawyers understand how delicate deed restriction conflicts can be.

Adair & Myers Assists HOA's and POA's Enforce Deed Restrictions

Our attorneys often find that a warning on our law firm's letterhead is sufficient to gain compliance. Other times, the case may be referred to the City of Houston Legal Department - Neighborhood Services Division (or the body with appropriate jurisdiction over the POA). Depending on the needs of our clients, we can go as far as litigating the case in the Texas courts.

To obtain the services of a Houston law firm with experience at enforcing deed restrictions on behalf of Property Owner's Associations and management companies, contact Adair & Myers at 713-568-6052.