Wills & Trusts

Harris County, Texas Estate Planning Attorneys

Securing the future for yourself, your family, and your business can bring peace of mind today, and save you time, money, and hassles later. At the Houston, Texas, law office of Adair & Myers, we advise and assist clients with sound estate planning and probate support. Our lawyers' extensive business law experience provides them with insight into how wills, trusts and other asset preservation tools can protect their client's business interests.

Sound Estate Planning Strategies

Careful estate planning can allow you and future generations to enjoy the benefits of your hard work. Contact us online, or call our Houston office at 713-568-6052 to discuss your estate planning concerns. Our lawyers provide these personal legal services structured to meet the needs of the business owner:

  • Establish a reciprocal buy/sell arrangement between business partners to avoid disputes and other complications upon retirement or death
  • Take advantage of 303 stock redemptions, 6166 estate tax deferrals and family-owned business exclusions
  • Sell a business at the time of death or retirement
  • Gift or sell a business to another family member while maintaining income for retirement
  • Ensure smooth transfer of a family business from one generation to another

We help clients establish the true value of their assets, especially proper business valuation related to any agreements and to accurately estimate estate taxes.

Avoiding Probate Complications

Without a last will and testament in place, probate can become complicated, time consuming and expensive to resolve. Our Texas wills, trusts and probate attorneys will work with you to determine the best options for avoiding probate. We can also explain how a living trust can be used to effectively transfer a family business, avoid probate fees and create potentially significant tax savings.

Powers of Attorney and Trusts

A will is an important and fundamental tool that our estate planning attorneys use to ensure our clients' futures. However, a will is limited in that it only triggers upon the death of the testator. On the other hand, a power of attorney agreement can give a trusted person the ability to make medical, financial, and business decisions for you in the event that you become incapacitated or you suffer from a diminished mental capacity. Additionally, certain trusts enable you to transfer funds to a loved one while you're still alive. Depending on the type of trust your attorneys form, you may still retain control of the assets. A comprehensive estate plans should include measures that deal with contingencies other than death.

At Adair & Myers, we work closely with our clients to help them understand and determine which estate planning options work best to meet their future personal and business objectives. Our attorneys will help clients build a customized wealth preservation strategy to avoid potential litigation and probate issues.

For sophisticated legal advice and assistance, contact the Houston estate planning lawyers of Adair & Myers at 713-568-6052.