Oil and Gas Leases


In the state of Texas, oil & gas land leases take on an entirely different dimension than other real property transactions. Although a company may be leasing the land as a tenant, is essentially claiming ownership rights to the mineral and resources that it will be extracting during the term of that lease, for which it will be paying the lessor of the land a royalty. Regardless of whether you are the owner of a piece of real property that is rich in oil & gas, or you are part of the management of an energy company that is attempting to secure the drilling rights to that land, the time to iron out all of the legal details is before the lease agreement is signed. At the Houston, TX law firm of Adair & Myers, our veteran team of lawyers believe that future litigation can be avoided through thorough negotiation and meticulous preparation of documentation and lease agreements.

Oil & Gas Lease Negotiation and Enforcement

When you retain the services of one of Texas’s premier oil & gas firms to negotiate your oil & gas lease, our professional staff of lawyers will exhaustively research any tentative agreement you may have. This will include meetings with you, as the client, to determine which items are negotiable and which are not. We will then draft the documentation that’s required to finalize that deal. If after executing a lease, the other party—whether it is the lessor or lessee—fails to live up to the terms of the arrangement, our team of litigation attorneys will take whatever measures are necessary to ensure that our clients’ rights are protected—including taking the other party to court.

Avoiding Litigation Through Careful Preparation

In a typical Texas oil & gas lease agreement, millions—sometimes billions—of dollars are involved. Future misunderstanding can often be avoided by clear, unequivocal language during the negotiation and contract development stage. Only a law firm with a collection of experienced oil & gas lease and enforcement lawyers can provide you with the security of knowing that the agreement that you’ve negotiated is advantageous to you and your firm.

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