What Business Owners Need To Know About No-Match Letters


If you are familiar with the term “No-Match Letter,” you might be reminded of the 1990’s where these letters became fairly notable. Though not much has been said about them in recent years, many have noticed they are making a comeback. While this comeback has seemingly happened under the radar, it’s important for business owners to know what their options are when and if they receive a No-Match Letter.

Old Airplane Parts and Fraud By Non-Disclosure


Oftentimes, when we think of fraud, we think of an elaborate scheme that may have been used in order to lead someone to believe false information. While this is true, majority of the time fraud cases aren’t as complicated as we might envision. In fact, a recent Texas appeals court decision outlines the specific criteria that must be proven in order to maintain a cause of action for civil fraud.

When Is An Online Review Defamation?


In a previous blog we discussed Texas Anti-SLAPP laws and how they affect and can protect businesses in many different ways. Though these statutes do include guidelines regarding reviews left by clients and customers, when it comes to the food industry, professional restaurant reviewers are expected to adhere to a set of journalism ethics. This essentially means that those reviewers are to share news, ideas, and opinions as fairly, accurately, completely, independently, and honestly as possible.