Shoemaker Claims Competitors Are Walking All Over Patent Rights


Cases involving patent disputes can be especially frustrating because the patent infringement makes a patent holder feel as if his or her hard work is being stolen. Patent lawsuits are fairly common and the importance of protecting patent rights is essential to avoiding a courtroom, as is the case for Bernardo shoes.

What Business Owners Need To Know About No-Match Letters


If you are familiar with the term “No-Match Letter,” you might be reminded of the 1990’s where these letters became fairly notable. Though not much has been said about them in recent years, many have noticed they are making a comeback. While this comeback has seemingly happened under the radar, it’s important for business owners to know what their options are when and if they receive a No-Match Letter.

Intellectual Property Rights Are No “Picnic”


It’s no secret that owning and operating a business is difficult. You have employees to take care of, customers to please, and many other responsibilities that are part of daily operations. However, sometimes the simple idea of naming a business or entity can prove to be daunting, especially if you ultimately decide to trademark that name. Unfortunately for one restaurant in Austin, this scenario was no picnic.