Crypto Exchange Founder Dies Without Leaving Password To $200 Million Account


Ideally, when the founder of a business passes there should be a plan in place to handle their financial assets and to allow the business to continue operating smoothly if possible. This is done to ensure a smooth transition takes place during such a trying time for those within the company, as well as for the founder’s family members. Unfortunately for those working with the digital-asset exchange Quadriga CX, this wasn’t the case.

Common Legal Issues In The Restaurant Industry


Restaurant owners face unique legal challenges that other business owners don’t. As a busy restaurant owner, it might be tempting to try and deal with legal issues yourself to save money, but the reality is that a modest investment in professional fees can prevent major headaches and save thousands later. Any time you are entering into a contract or facing a legal issue, you need to work with an experienced business lawyer who can navigate the maze of complicated state laws while protecting your best interests.

Houston’s Retail Industry Is Booming – Here’s What You Need To Know About Commercial Leases


Texas is known as a business friendly state, and the city of Houston is no exception. The city of Houston is experiencing a huge boom in the retail industry, which is great for the city, but there are a few things business owners need to keep in mind. As the retail industry expands, businesses will be leasing commercial spaces, and leasing agreements can not only be complicated, but also detrimental to the lessees.