What Makes A Contract?


In most cases, contracts and business negotiations go hand-in-hand. While verbal agreements are technically legal, they can often cause conflict over specific details, especially if one party believes the contract has been breached. Contracts between two entities are becoming more nuanced and detailed in an effort to make any and all possibilities clear should problems arise. Let’s take a look at some contract basics to see how different contracts can potentially be utilized between parties.

What Business Owners Can Learn From the Dish-HBO Contract Fight


With many popular shows popping up in time for summer, like the final season of Game of Thrones, Big Little Lies, and many more, it’s no surprise die-hard fans want to ensure they have options available for viewing. Unfortunately, many Dish customers were especially concerned about their ability to view these programs, as the company has been involved in a contract dispute with HBO for many months. While situations like this can be frustrating for fans, business owners can learn quite a bit from how corporations handle conflict.