Who Can Be Held Liable for Breach of Fiduciary Duty?


When a breach of fiduciary duty occurs, it can be devastating to those affected. While one may believe a fiduciary is always acting in the best interests of those to whom he or she owes a duty, this isn’t always the case. If and when a breach does occur, it’s important for those owed the protection of the fiduciary relationship to know who can be held liable for the resulting damages.

Former NFL Football Star Files Breach of Fiduciary Duty Lawsuit Against Financial Advisor


Oftentimes, football stars are looked upon and treated as celebrities. We see them in television ads, read about them in the news, and of course watch them on the field during game time. What we often don’t see is when the endorsements these athletes take part in turn sour. For one former NFL player in particular, this is all too true.

Are You Breaching A Fiduciary Duty?


To ensure you are living up to this duty, you need to understand the legal concept of fiduciary duty, how it is applied, and what is expected of you to best protect yourself from claims of a breach of fiduciary duty.