Solar Panel Fires at Walmart Stores Result in Breach of Contract With Tesla


When a breach of contract between businesses occurs, it can be damaging to not only the relationship between the two entities, but also towards the reputations of the parties. A breach of contract generally occurs when one of the parties to the contract does not honor their obligations contained in the agreement. Breaches can happen by way of non-performance or interference with the other party or because of a problem with the products or services that were the subject of the contract. For both Walmart and Tesla this rang especially true after the retailer contracted with Tesla to acquire solar panels for 200 of its stores. Subsequently, the purchased solar panels caught fire.

Fashion Label Off-White Wants Trademark Case Thrown Out


In a previous blog, we discussed a recent trademark infringement case involving an accusation by marketing and creative agency OffWhite Productions LLC against popular fashion label Off-White. According to recent developments, Off-White wants the suit thrown out altogether.

Social Media Influencers and the Business of Fraud


In today’s online and in-demand world, marketing strategies are always changing. Back in the early 2000’s, it was still fairly common to see advertisements of celebrities talking about their favorite products and why people should buy or use them, today’s advertising is much different. Though television and radio ads still exist, they are no longer the norm. Influencer marketing has been on the rise since 2010 and shows no signs of stopping; however, does the practice really work and can it cause more harm to your business than good?