Intellectual Property Rights Are No “Picnic”


It’s no secret that owning and operating a business is difficult. You have employees to take care of, customers to please, and many other responsibilities that are part of daily operations. However, sometimes the simple idea of naming a business or entity can prove to be daunting, especially if you ultimately decide to trademark that name. Unfortunately for one restaurant in Austin, this scenario was no picnic.

New Law Could Drastically Change Anti-SLAPP Lawsuits


In two previous blogs, we’ve discussed Anti-SLAPP laws and how they can relate to defamation cases for businesses. Anti-SLAPP laws essentially work to protect companies from defamatory or false statements regarding their businesses practices. Though these laws have been in place for several years, a new bill has been put in motion that could change these laws and even exclude certain cases if passed.

What Business Owners Can Learn From the Dish-HBO Contract Fight


With many popular shows popping up in time for summer, like the final season of Game of Thrones, Big Little Lies, and many more, it’s no surprise die-hard fans want to ensure they have options available for viewing. Unfortunately, many Dish customers were especially concerned about their ability to view these programs, as the company has been involved in a contract dispute with HBO for many months. While situations like this can be frustrating for fans, business owners can learn quite a bit from how corporations handle conflict.

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