Houston Business Lawyers

In any enterprise, legal concerns can have far-reaching implications for growth, success and liability exposure. Successful businesses are proactive in identifying legal issues and resolving them with the help of trusted legal guidance and experience business attorneys. At Adair Myers Stevenson Yagi, we partner with businesses to navigate these legal issues with skill, efficiency and effectiveness. We offer guidance on day-to-day questions that arise during business operations.

Business Formation

Starting a business is a milestone that requires careful consideration — and a hefty dose of courage. It can be immensely rewarding to see your ideas come to fruition. However, achieving prosperity requires laying a foundation of careful decision-making and hard work while your business is still in its infancy.

Business Transactions

No business exists in a vacuum. When your business enters into any kind of transaction, having skilled business attorneys by your side can ensure your interests are protected.

Contract Drafting and Review

Contracts are one of the foundations of doing business, but they can be complex and hard to understand. Whether you are drafting a new contract, reviewing an existing contract, or negotiating the terms of a contract, having the help of an experienced attorney can help manage risk, avoid unnecessary disputes, limit liability, and avoid unintended legal obligations.


At the heart of every business are human beings with the capacity for conflict. Differences in vision or strategy between business owners can lead to a split — or worse, a deadlock, which can jeopardize the success of the business. When disputes arise, or when dissolution becomes a possibility, it’s critical to seek qualified legal advice.

General Counsel

No one knows the operational side of your business enterprise like you and your management team, but when it comes to legal issues, it’s necessary to turn to experienced attorneys who can ensure your business’s interests are protected. Having outside general counsel can be a great asset to your company.

Real Estate

When you’re investing a large amount of capital in real estate, you need more than just a licensed broker and a title company. Real estate law can be complex, and you need to know exactly what you are getting into when you sign a contract. The experienced Houston real estate business attorneys at Adair Myers Stevenson Yagi know the common pitfalls to avoid and can advise you on how to best protect your investments.

Energy Law

The energy industry is deeply embedded in the Texas economy. For businesses operating in this industry, the stakes are high and even small legal disputes can have disastrous consequences. Partnering with experienced energy lawyers can help protect your business from costly disputes.