The loss of a loved one is often devastating, and regardless of whether or not the deceased made his or her wishes known in writing, you may have many questions about what happens next. Our lawyers can work with you to help you understand exactly what to expect and help you through the process.

In some instances, you need to go through the probate process. Fortunately, probate in Texas does not have to be the ordeal it is in many other states. The executor of the estate files the will in a probate court, then identifies any assets, debts, and tax obligations, and notifies creditors and beneficiaries regarding the distribution of the estate’s property.

Reasons the validity of a will might be questioned:

  • There are allegations or evidence of undue influence, or when a person is induced to act otherwise than by his or her own free will
  • The individual lacked the mental capacity to generate his or her own will
  • There are allegations of fraud
  • Someone who didn’t get what he or she thinks they are entitled to tries to hold up the beneficiaries named in the will or the heirs.
  • The decedent tried to draft the will himself and did not follow the statutory requirements.

In the event that the validity of the will is questioned, our lawyers can represent clients in either contesting a will or in defending one throughout probate litigation by filing necessary documents, transferring assets not subject to probate, and navigating disputes.

Houston Probate Lawyers

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