COVID-19 Legal Issues – FAQ’s and practical tips for individuals and businesses.


The coronavirus is the biggest topic on most everyone’s minds right now. We have been asked some questions by our clients and seen some recurring issues raised by this situation. We have provided answers to some frequently asked questions below and also included practical tips for managing a few of the legal issues raised during…

New Law Could Drastically Change Anti-SLAPP Lawsuits


In two previous blogs, we’ve discussed Anti-SLAPP laws and how they can relate to defamation cases for businesses. Anti-SLAPP laws essentially work to protect companies from defamatory or false statements regarding their businesses practices. Though these laws have been in place for several years, a new bill has been put in motion that could change these laws and even exclude certain cases if passed.

What Is Business Divorce?


When business partnerships dissolve the process is sometimes referred to as a divorce, as well. This is because, much like the fallout of a marriage, the breakup of a business entity involves the splitting of shared finances, vendors, staff, and partners. When this unfortunate situation occurs it’s important to know the proper steps to take to ensure a business divorce can end successfully for all parties involved.