Outside General Counsel

No one knows the operational side of your business enterprise like you and your management team. However, in the course of all businesses, legal issues arise and trusted legal advice immediately becomes an indispensable priority. At Adair Myers Stevenson Yagi, we have experience working as outsourced general counsel for a diversity of Houston business entities. We have provided legal counsel to many business clients and have successfully protected them when disputes and conflicts eventually emerged. As outside general counsel for your business, we take pride in not only knowing the intricacies of your industry’s business law, but in having a business-oriented perspective.

Why Do Companies Use Outside General Counsel?

While many larger companies are able to employ in house General Counsel, or even an entire legal department, we know this is generally too expensive of an option for smaller companies. Many small to mid-sized companies and businesses instead choose to use an outside general counsel (also referred to as outsourced general counsel).

Outside General Counsel

Outside general counsel is an ideal solution for many small and medium businesses because it is a cost-effective option for legal representation, advice, and even litigation. This type of legal representation can also provide a good deal of flexibility, because you have access to experienced legal counsel that can provide research, risk management advice, and/or legal representation without having to pay the overhead associated with employing a full time attorney on staff.

Outside general counsel can work to identify potential legal issues before they become burdensome. Having familiarity with your industry and the relevant regulations, these lawyers can assist you with new legal issues that arise due to changes in the law and provide you with research and strategy to that end. Additionally, outside general counsel is able to assist you with contract drafting and review for employees and/or contracted workers. Lastly, should it become necessary, such an arrangement can provide for legal representation in additional related matters in areas such as real estate, breach of contract, or breach of fiduciary duty.

Outside general counsel can also provide an outside, objective third party perspective. As a business owner, you may be too close to the issues in your business to accurately and unemotionally assess them. A separate, trusted point of view may be invaluable for making important decisions.

Outside General Counsel vs In House Counsel

In house counsel is very familiar with the law as it relates to your business field. In house counsel often mitigate crisis, and handle compliance reporting, tax work, and mergers and acquisitions, advise on labor laws and intellectual property laws, and can build in house legal teams. This is quite an expensive – and often cost-prohibitive – option for most businesses. Additionally, in house counsel still often requires outside legal services from a firm that handles cases in other areas of the law and for litigation matters.

Outside general counsel functions similarly to in house counsel but offers more services at affordable pricing, along with more diverse legal knowledge that can only be gained by handling a wide range of legal matters, including litigation in state and federal courts across Texas. Our business lawyers can work for companies that do not employ in house counsel or work alongside in-house counsel to augment their skills.

What are Outside General Counsel Services?

Our team of lawyers serving as outside general counsel acts as strategic advisors, providing legal advice regarding business goals and identifying any legal issues before they emerge. Your business will have access to insight on the legal implications of new ventures you undertake specifically for your business without the expense of employing full time in-house counsel.

Outside counsel services may include assisting with a new business formation and governing documents, reviewing, writing, and negotiating contracts, and even strategizing in the event of a dissolution. Other services can include corporate governance, regulatory compliance, and writing policies and procedures to reduce risk.

There are many reasons a company might choose to outsource its general counsel needs, but choosing the right firm can pay dividends for your business. A business law firm like Adair Myers Stevenson Yagi has the experience to handle complex legal matters, as well as the skill to successfully resolve many types of critical legal issues for Houston businesses.

The Houston business lawyers at Adair Myers Stevenson Yagi, are well suited to find creative business solutions and implement legal strategies within your business structure to help avoid disputes. With our guidance, you are free from having to research time-consuming legal issues on your own and can instead focus your energy on growing and managing your business.

Adair Myers Stevenson Yagi knows how to guide businesses through every possible scenario. When you hire our business attorneys, you will work directly with your lawyer – not a paralegal or other legal staff. Your company may not need legal representation every day, but when it does, you will have the full force of our experienced and skillful litigators at your disposal. Contact us today to learn how our attorneys can work as outside general counsel to help your business thrive.