Representative Case Studies

A small business client was looking for outside general counsel 27 years ago.

Over the years, we handled all of the legal work for the company, and served as business advisors, involved in all major decisions.

We continue to represent the owner in all of his business matters, even after the sale of the original company over three years ago.

Study 1
Some 27 years ago we received a referral from a local CPA regarding a small business client who needed a new general counsel. Two of our attorneys met the client at his home; after several hours of speaking with the client regarding his business, long-term goals, experience in the oil field, and our overall company philosophy, it was obvious to all parties we were a good fit.

Over the years we did virtually all of the legal work for that company and served as outside general counsel and advisors involved in all major business decisions. We successfully defended the company in a major unfair trade practices lawsuit and successfully prosecuted collection matters. We also represented the company in a complex patent infringement case against a nationally known oilfield equipment company where we were able to negotiate a lucrative licensing agreement. We drafted distributor and sales representative agreements used around the world; helped draft policies and procedures as well as terms and conditions; represented the company in two commercial lease contracts and the ultimate acquisition of a new of office site. We created a new corporate entity structure to provide asset protection. We also represented the owner and his family in sophisticated estate planning. The business was sold over three years ago to an equity roll-up, but our relationship with the client continues as we still represent the owner in all of his business matters.

A company consisting of a single consultant required assistance on a variety of legal matters.

Over 14 years, we helped the company increase in size and scope, helping them in all manner of legal needs.

Eventually the company became so successful, we recommended the hiring of an in-house lawyer, returning to represent the company upon its sale.

Study 2
Approximately 14 years ago we were hired by a local SAP consulting startup which, at the time, consisted of one consultant. We first assisted the company in restructuring, helping to avoid Texas franchise taxes, and then began working on standard contract forms while advising on standard operating procedures. After representing the company in the acquisition of a substantial block of business from a competitor, we helped the company set up an offshore office in India. Over the years we negotiated contracts with major companies, frequently on Friday afternoons with consultants starting work on Monday. Some of those contracts are still in place and the original consultants are still providing services. Approximately two years before the company was sold, we advised the company it should hire an in-house lawyer as it would be more cost effective. They did so at our recommendation, and we helped train the attorney to handle routine transactional matters. The company was sold 5 years ago and we returned to represent the company in that transaction.

A few members of a large landowning family needed legal representation in regards to an oil and gas lease.

Over the years and various lease negotiations, more and more of the family began trusting us with their family business matters.

Through our work representing the members, we were able to bring the entire family together and represent all parties in various legal matters.

Study 3
Almost 20 years ago, we were approached by members of a major south Texas landowner family asking us to represent them with regard to an oil and gas lease. After we successfully negotiated a lease for those family members, additional members joined when the next lease came up. The family was so impressed with our work that by the time the third lease came up, we were representing almost all of the family. Over the years, some discord kept the family from negotiating as a single group, but after several years of representing most of the family, we were finally able to bring all of them together. Today we represent some 23 separate individuals and family-owned entities. Some of the family members own properties not affiliated with the family land or their companies, and we represent them in matters relating to that separate property as well. In total, we have advised on issues regarding oil and gas leases, surface use agreements, family limited partnerships, title issues, complex estate planning, and more.