Business Lawyer Houston

As established Houston business lawyers, we are aware of how the ever-changing economy and legal landscape impacts the regulatory, compliance, and legal issues every business contends with. We know that your company’s legal concerns have far-reaching implications for your growth, success, and liability exposure, and we have the relevant legal experience, skill, and knowledge to help you overcome these hurdles.

Houston Business Lawyers

From startup entrepreneurs to experienced business owners and corporations, our business lawyers worked have in nearly every industry in Houston and across the state of Texas. We take pride in knowing our clients’ long-term goals, business experience, and overall corporate philosophy, so we can provide high quality legal advice and superior legal services that are cost effective for small- to medium-sized businesses. Our business lawyers can serve you in the following capacities:

Transaction Lawyer

When your business enters into any kind of transaction, it should work with a qualified business attorney to ensure it is protected. When a business transaction isn’t properly executed, it puts your business at risk for litigation and/or compliance issues. Partnering with an experienced transaction lawyer can help prevent disputes and protect your financial livelihood.

We have represented clients who do business throughout the United States, as well as internationally in Canada, Mexico, South America, Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and Africa, among other local, regional, national, and international locations.

Our Houston business attorneys can not only assist you with your commercial transactions, but also contracts relating to a variety of other business needs.

Contract Attorney

The business attorneys at Adair Myers Stevenson Yagi know the key to a well-drafted contract is understanding which provisions are most vulnerable to attack. Our attorneys can draft contracts that stand up to litigation in the event of a dispute. Because of our deep experience handling commercial litigation regarding virtually every conceivable type of document – from non-compete agreements and confidentiality provisions in employment contracts to landlord-tenant agreements and fractional share leases – we understand how contracts need to be drafted to avoid litigation, including but not limited to:

  • Buy-sell agreements
  • Severance agreements
  • Confidentiality agreements
  • Real estate purchases, sales, and leases
  • Software licensing agreements
  • Business purchase and sale agreements
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Business acquisition loan documents
  • Documents regarding the financing and funding of business operations
  • Collections documents
  • Business dissolution documents

Our law firm also specifically focuses on drafting, negotiating, reviewing, revising, and the overall handling of all related documents for businesses in the following stages of their lifespan, including:

Business Formation Attorney

Starting a business is a milestone that requires careful consideration and a hefty dose of courage. It can be immensely rewarding to see your ideas come to fruition; however, achieving prosperity requires laying a foundation of careful decision-making and hard work while your business is still in its infancy.

Business Divorce Attorney

Ending a business, especially, a corporate entity, requires a detail oriented law firm that knows how to ensure a proper and complete closure. Our law firm is familiar with all the nuances of business dissolution, and you can read more details regarding business divorce here.

Outside General Counsel

No one knows the operational side of your business enterprise like you and your management team, but when it comes to legal issues, it’s necessary to turn to experienced attorneys who can ensure your business interests are protected. Having outside general counsel can be a great asset to a company that is not large enough to justify the expense of employing full-time in-house counsel but needs ongoing legal advice and support.

Real Estate Attorney

When you’re investing a large amount of capital in real estate, you need more than just a licensed broker and a title company. Real estate law can be complex, and you need to know exactly what you are getting into when you sign a contract. The experienced Houston real estate business attorneys at Adair Myers Stevenson Yagi know the common pitfalls to avoid and can advise you on how to best protect your investments.

Oil and Gas Attorney

The energy industry is deeply embedded in the Texas economy. For businesses operating in this industry, the stakes are high – and even small legal disputes can have disastrous consequences. Partnering with an experienced oil and gas law firm can help protect your business from costly disputes.

Business Litigation Attorney

There are many paths to resolving legal disputes. The path you take will be determined by your circumstances and goals. Litigation is one tool that can help resolve legal disputes, and it has both advantages and disadvantages.

Houston Business Lawyers

Our legacy of success has spanned Houston and traversed Texas for over 40 years. Since 1981, we’ve been helping business owners by offering the advantages of a large firm’s skillset and experience but at competitive costs. Our boutique size also allows us to customize our services depending on your needs. A highly skilled business law attorney will work directly with you through all stages of your legal matter when you are a client at Adair Myers Stevenson Yagi.

At Adair Myers Stevenson Yagi, we routinely utilize our extensive, deep understanding of business law to help resolve complex legal issues. We strengthen our clients’ interests in any way possible, including working with and incorporating financial professionals’ opinions, and advise you of potential legal consequences. When you partner with our business attorneys, you have the benefit of more than 100 years of combined experience to guide and protect your business. Call us today at 713-522-2270 for more information on how we can help.