Contracts in Construction: How Breaches Impact the Construction Industry


The construction industry is fertile ground for many different types of breach of contract lawsuits. This post will discuss different ways a construction company or contractor can be held liable in a breach of contract case.

Questions to Consider When Deciding on a Business Entity Type


Deciding on an entity type for your business is incredibly important. Selecting the right entity type helps to define your business and how it will be legally structured and taxed, as well as its capacity for growth. It’s important to make these decisions earlier rather than later, as the entity you choose could impact your business and both your corporate and personal liability exposure down the road.

Fashion Label Sued by Company With the Same Name Claiming Trademark Infringement


When it comes to your business’s assets and unique qualities, it’s important your brand identity is protected. Trademark infringement cases in particular are popping up more often in today’s digital age, and it seems as if no brand is immune. Popular fashion label, Off-White™ recently came under scrutiny as a creative design agency with the same name alleged the brand infringed upon the business’s trademarks.